Aurora Trout Photos Courtesy of Robert McFarlane.
Aurora Trout

Aurora Trout

Aurora Trout Photos Courtesy of Robert McFarlane.

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How to correctly ID an Aurora Trout

The Aurora trout can be mistaken for the more common Brook trout. Although they do seem to look the same to an uneducated eye, there are several distinct differences between the two species of trout. The first and easiest way to distinguish an Aurora is they do not have the colourful blue halos wrapping around the red dots that Brook trout are world famous for.


Black lines are found on the species dorsal and caudal fins and the pectoral, pelvic and anal fins all have a white leading edge with black border. The back of an Aurora is olive-green to dark-brown back with blue and silver sides and a silvery white belly. During the fall months, Aurora trout begin to spawn and male specimens will be found with fire orange and red bellies until the spawn is complete and often even longer.