Aurora Trout Photos Courtesy of Robert McFarlane.
Aurora Trout

Aurora Trout

Aurora Trout Photos Courtesy of Robert McFarlane.

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How to find Aurora Trout


Depending on the time of year or even the time of day, Auroras can be a difficult species to locate in any of the lakes populated with them. Aurora’s prefer cold water temperatures more specifically 20 degrees Celsius or lower.

The open season for Aurora Trout is a short season from August 1 – October 15. The beginning of the season is during one of the warmest summer months and will push the fish out to deeper, cooler conditions or near cold underwater springs. This is when anglers must use tactics that gets the baits down to the proper depths such as downriggers or 3 way swivels.

Having a fish finder in your boat is a key ingredient for success on any of the lakes that have a population of Aurora’s. Use your electronics to mark fish and repeat trolls over the area with different speeds and baits especially if you’re unable to become successful quickly.

During mornings or evenings on cooler summer days or towards the end of the season, Aurora’s can be found in the shallows especially during lowlight conditions. This is when the Aurora is very susceptible to anglers casting or even fly fishing on the top. to feed but will generally be found deep for most or the entire open season.