Aurora Trout Photos Courtesy of Robert McFarlane.
Aurora Trout

Aurora Trout

Aurora Trout Photos Courtesy of Robert McFarlane.

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How to help Aurora Trout

There are many ways to help ensure the Aurora trout make a complete, healthy return back to their native watershed. First and foremost, respecting the laws concerning the short season and the one fish possession/catch limit gives any angler the opportunity to contribute to the recovery of the Aurora trout.

The federal government of Canada created The Habitat Stewardship Program (HSP) back in 2000-2001. This program allocates 10 million dollars a year to “stewards” of different projects to help conserve and protect species across the country. In order for a species to be eligible it must be listed on the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada and must take place on private lands, provincial Crown lands, Aboriginal lands, or in aquatic and marine areas across Canada. This is not the only federal funding available.

There are five main funding programs that are focused on protecting and recovering species at risk including the Habitat Stewardship Program. The other four funding programs that are directly associated with these concerns are the Interdepartmental Recovery Fund, the Endangered Species Recovery Fund, the Aboriginal Capacity Building Fund and the Aboriginal Critical Habitat Protection Fund. If you have any ideas, projects or plans to contribute to the restoration of the species please contact one of the funds above to begin the process of eligibility.