Aurora Trout Photos Courtesy of Robert McFarlane.
Aurora Trout

Aurora Trout

Aurora Trout Photos Courtesy of Robert McFarlane.

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Lady Evelyn-Smooth Water Provincial Park

A park found in the rugged wilderness of Ontario’s north, Lady Evelyn-Smooth Water Provincial Park is situated along the shoreline of the Lady Evelyn River. Along with the access to the Aurora trout fishing, the park is also famous for the old growth of white and red pine trees. The parks terrain is not maintained on a regular basis and only well trained and experienced outdoorsmen and women should attempt park activities.

The park is found northwest of Temagami. There is road access from the north via Elk Lake. Mowat Landing on the Montreal Rivers gives anglers an opportunity to access the park from the east. Also, there are water access points from the east on Lake Temagami. Air access is available from Sudbury, Elk Lake and Temagami.

Fishing opportunities for Aurora trout have introduced back to the public in several lakes except for Whirligig and Whitepine. These are the original lakes that held natural populations of the species. The lakes all share a 3 year spread between open seasons. The following chart is a current lake schedule of open years until 2012 and a list of restrictions constructed specifically for these lakes.

Liberty Lake

Special Regulations

  • The 2 original lakes (Whirligig and Whitepine) that held Aurora’s are completely off limits to angling

  • No live bait allowed on any of the lakes at any time

  • No gas or electric motor is allowed on any lake

  • Holders of a full sport fishing license may target Aurora Trout with a catch and possession limit of only 1 fish.

  • Anglers that only hold a conservation license may not target Aurora Trout.

  • No fishing is permitted if you keep or release a fish back into the lake

  • The fish must be consumed before targeting Aurora Trout again