Aurora Trout Photos Courtesy of Robert McFarlane.
Aurora Trout

Aurora Trout


Aurora Trout Photos Courtesy of Robert McFarlane.

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Aurora Trout Tackle Talk

The Aurora trout has many similar components as its famous cousin the brook trout. The average size of the fish is very comparable to its cousin although the Ontario record is much smaller coming in at just over 6 pounds. The Ontario Brook trout record is substantially larger, tipping the scales just over 14 pounds. Although the record sizes are much different, the average size of each species is very comparable. The tackle recommendations listed below for Aurora trout is very comparable to a Brook trout fisherman’s tackle selection.


Any trout can fall victim to a properly presented spoon. Anyone who has wet a line has more than likely seen or used a spoon. Casting and trolling spoons all represent a fleeing, injured baitfish. The difference between the two is mainly the gauge of metal used for the spoon. Thinner, fluttering spoons are more commonly used for trolling and heavy gauge spoons are used for casting. These heavier spoons enable anglers to reach much further casting distances rather than with a light fluttering spoon.

Lure Recommendations


  Acme Little Cleo
Williams Wobblers
  Mepps Syclops 
   Michigan Stinger

Minnow Baits

Both hard and small minnow baits should both be found in your tackle box when searching for Aurora’s. Both are effective when trolled and cast, although I prefer to cast soft minnow baits and troll the hard models. Small minnow baits in the 2-3” range will receive strikes from all sizes of fish but don’t be afraid to step up the sizes of minnows baits to 5”. These walleye sized lures might not catch as many Aurora’s but the size of the fish will increase.

Lure Recommendations

  Original Rapala
  Jointed Rapala
  Rapala Husky Jerk
  Rapala CountDown  


Inline spinners are a very efficient search lure. Spinners are a good choice when you’re fishing new areas or just trying to trying to cover as much water as possible. The most appropriate level of the water column for spinners would be in the top 10 feet. The speed at which these can be retrieved can vary from burning them at a steady pass across the very top of the water column to a slower pace, slightly deeper.

Lure Recommendations

   Blue Fox Vibrax
  Panther Martin  

Gang Trolls

Gang trolls are often referred to as Christmas trees, beer cans or even cow bells. Although some have different name they all basically represent a school of minnows. Gang trolls are a length of wire usually 24-48” long with a series of blades attached. During the summer when Aurora trout can be most commonly found in the deeper areas of lakes the most effective method is to use gang trolls on downriggers thus giving you the advantage of precisely targeting a specific depth. A short fluorocarbon or monofilament leader should be tied onto the end of gang troll, followed with a minnow imitation. Spoons and hard minnow baits are ideal choice for this application.

Lure Recommendations

  Lucky Strike 
   Lure Jenson


Arguably the most versatile bait for any species, jigs can produce bites in both shallow and deep water.

Jigs tipped with either a plastic minnow, grub or earthworm should be a staple in anyone’s tackle box that is targeting the elusive Aurora Trout. Another style of jigs available to anglers is a buck tail jig or hair jig. Buck tails are usually fished bare and require a snap and drop retrieve. Although a slow, swimming retrieve sometimes does work better, a quicker rip jigging retrieve entices trout to take the bait with authority.

Lure Recommendations

   Northland Whistler Jigs
   Northland Mimic Minnow Fry